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Looking to reach new audiences and secure new donors?


Nonprofit language services present opportunities to reach new donors, leaders, and communities helps cultural and non-profit institutions educate and engage new supporters.


help your organization communicate with members and increase global awareness of your mission. 


My client list includes NGOs and NPOs, arts organisations, advocacy groups, medical research and health organisations, trade associations, educational institutions.

Support to vulnerable people Advancement of social and community welfare Advancement of culture Advancement of the natural environment Other purposes beneficial to the community Health services & related activities

Education - translations for academics or 



Ranging from localization and development of e-learning material to the translation and creation of multilingual communications to attract students from around the globe.

  • Team members that share the values of the organization’s mission

  • Smart planning and efficient solutions to make budgets go far

  • discounted rates as well as shared service agreements that allow organizations to pass along savings to their members, constituents, and regional divisions. At, we provide the most attentive client service in the industry by leveraging our knowledge of each client’s operations, preferences, and requirements. This familiarity allows us to design customized solutions for enhancing success through membership growth and education.

Culturally sensitive translations


Sensitivity to brand perceptions by your stakeholders, constituents, and donors

culturally savvy and socially active 

gets especially excited about working on global causes with missions to make the world a better place, whether through information, health, education, or the arts.

international organizations to communicate in the language of their mission and constituents.


Our translation services for non-profits cover:

  • Websites

  • Mobile apps

  • Documents

  • Marketing materials

  • Multimedia including videos, audio-video guides, animation, and more

  • Employee training and eLearning

  • Informational and reference content

  • Annual reports

Sensitive issues can be difficult enough to manage in your native tongue. Therefore, careful consideration is required to ensure that all your communications are clear in each translated version.

With over a decade's experience working with NGOs and NPOs, including advocacy groups from a variety of areas of interest,


 attention to detail, quality customer service, and reliable accuracy, is trusted by many of the world's best-known advocacy groups to deliver consistent results—every time.

Yurany Andrea Monsalve,
Coordinadora de proyectos socio-ambientales, Fundación Amigos del Chocó

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Kate es una excelente profesional y muy cálida como ser humano. Durante su estadía en Amichocó en Colombia como voluntaria apoyó a la fundación como traductora, ayudando a gestionar recursos para mejorar las condiciones de vida de comunidades vulnerables en nuestro país.

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