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Powerful insights to help you connect with your audience

I bring a qualitative insight-led approach that enables my clients to deeply understand their market, make better-informed decisions and connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.

I offer research services in English, French and Spanish, and have conducted fieldwork in markets including Europe, the USA and Latin America. My culturally-sensitive, empathic approach, draws on my communication skills and analytical expertise to uncover fresh insights and turn them into compelling strategy.

With over a decade's experience as a freelance researcher, I have also worked in-house at a London-based consumer insight consultancy, implementing a range of mixed-method, multilingual research projects.


I have worked with an array of blue chip clients in sectors as diverse as Technology, Entertainment, Sport, Fin-Tech, FMCG, Non-Profit, Financial Services and Travel, helping them with briefs including new product development, rebranding, repositioning, communication and messaging, consumer trend monitoring and localisation of content and products for new markets.

I can help with all stages of research

  • Research design - I will work closely with you to understand your business' needs and objectives, and will design a research approach that meets all of your research objectives.

  • Participant recruitment - I can use my network of contacts to help you find the right sample for your project.

  • Project and participant management - I will coordinate tasks and suppliers to manage your project workflow, and can also manage participants throughout the project, handling their queries and distributing incentives.

  • Translation/transcription - I can translate discussion guides, verbatims, online community/diary entries and transcribe videos and/or recordings posted online or from interviews into your language of choice.

  • Fieldwork - I offer multilingual moderation services for online communities and mobile ethnography (e.g. video diaries), multilingual depth interviews (by telephone, videocall or face-to-face) and have conducted and filmed vox pops on-site at live events. I employ projective techniques and other advanced qualitative techniques to uncover people's attitudes, motivations and emotions.

  • Coding - I can arrange the multilingual coding of verbatims and open-end data.

  • Analysis - I conduct intelligent data analysis, using grounded theory and metaphor analysis, to uncover real insights that help deliver a fresh perspective to help inform decision-making and strategy.

  • Reporting - I create visually impactful deliverables, pulling out the key insights from the research and making actionable recommendations to guide you and your organisation through the next steps towards achieving your strategic goals. 

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Jeroen Verheggen,
CEO, Netfluential

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We have worked with Kate for over 5 years, using her services and skills as a multilingual online community moderator. Kate is extremely bright, well organised and understands the importance of project timings and deadlines. She works well with members of our team and is very capable of research analysis and summarizing.

Lee Eyre,

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Kate is an extremely competent professional with whom you can entrust your project in the knowledge that she will deliver results of the highest quality every time.

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