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Notary Stamps

Looking for a certified translation?


In civil law countries like France and Spain, official translations are produced by "sworn" translators, who are appointed and accredited by government authorities. But in the UK (a common law country) when a translation is required for official purposes, you will instead be asked to obtain a "certified translation" carried out by a member of a professional body, such as the CIOL.

I am authorised by the Chartered Institute of Linguists to provide certified translations for official purposes, such as birth, death and marriage certificates, academic transcripts, and DBS checks, etc, as well as more complex legal documents, like residency or asylum applications.




What's the purpose of certification?


The purpose of certification is to identify translators, demonstrate their credentials, and make them accountable for their work. Membership of a professional body means that the translator has met rigorous admissions criteria, has obtained the relevant qualifications and professional experience, and has agreed to follow a Professional Code of Conduct.

What are the next steps?

First, check with the organisation requesting the translation exactly what is required. Does your translation need to be certified or notarised? Does it need an apostille? 


Request a quote: email me a copy of your certificate and I willl get back to you within a couple of hours with a quote or request for additional information. Let me know the purpose of the certification and when you need to receive the certified translation


Approve the quote: once we've agreed on a delivery date that suits you, I willl request payment before proceeding with the certified translation. I accept payment by bank transfer or PayPal.  

Certification: I will attach a certification letter to a copy of the original text and the translation, attesting that the translation is a true and accurate rendering of the original text and confirming my qualifications, membership, and authorisation to provide certified translation for UK institutions. The letter will contain the CIOL logo shown above, and the translation will be initialled on every page.


Is certification all I need?

Not necessarily - different authorities may have different requirements, so you should always check with the organisation requesting the translation exactly what its requirements are. 


Other types of official translations include:

Legalised or apostilled translations: The original document will bear an apostille stamp, and the translation will carry a declaration endorsed by a Notary. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is responsible for issuing apostilles in the UK. Contact the UK government's Legalisation Office if you need an apostille.


Notarised translations: Notarisation is often requested to make translations official for use overseas. The translation will either carry a declaration by a translator signed by a Notary, or a declaration by a Notary about the original document and the translation. If you need a notarised translation, please state this clearly in your quote request and allow plenty of time for the translation and notarisation process.

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I can help

Lily Palmer,
Senior Translator, Gherson Solicitors

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We had the pleasure of hiring Kate as a freelance translator from French and Spanish into English. We had an urgent short-term project to complete and needed somebody skilled, efficient and reliable, who was also a member of a professional body and was able to certify their translations. Kate ended up working in our offices for a couple of months, during which she was very flexible and willing to adapt her working hours to our needs. Besides outstanding language skills, she demonstrated her ability to work hard under pressure without compromising the quality of her work, which was completed to a high professional standard. And, of course, her lovely and bubbly personality was a bonus – she felt like a part of our team from the very beginning and we were all sad to see her go! Kate is an excellent translator and I would recommend her to clients without the slightest hesitation.

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