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What is transcreation and when is it needed?

When it comes to creative texts like advertising slogans, marketing copy or editorials, a straightforward translation doesn't always work


Unpronounceable brand names, embarrassing slogans and campaigns that fall flat on their face are just a few examples of international messaging that has missed the mark. Even if a brand commissions a linguistically flawless translation of its marketing material, its message will not necessarily land in the way it intends with the new audience in the target market if it has not considered how they differ culturally - in their humour, customs, politics and worldview - to its audience at home.

This is where I can help: as a native English speaker, with a track record of helping brands connect with their target audience, I will work with you to understand your UK audience inside-out, and then adapt your message to make sure it lands effectively.

Transcreation is the process of creatively adapting an original text written in the source language, to make it relevant and relatable to a foreign audience in the target language.


Whether for websites, ad campaigns or press releases, I use creative translation techniques and craft brand new copy to ensure the new text retains the same message, spirit and impact as the original. 

What about localisation?


The aim of localisation is also to adapt your content or product to another locale or market. But while transcreation is an essential part of localisation, the process does not end there - other elements are just as important to consider to ensure your product or content looks and feels like it was created specifically for your new audience.


These include adapting graphics and layout to the target market and to fit around the new translated content, ensuring different legal requirements in the target market are met, and reviewing keywords in the target language to ensure effective SEO and SEM.

I can consult on these aspects, carry out research on the local market on your behalf, and bring on board experts, such as web designers or marketing specialists, to ensure the finished result looks and feels authentic and inspires your audience to act!



Why work with me?

I have over a decade's experience working as a transcreator and copywriter for an extensive portfolio of luxury and high street brands in the travel, retail, finance and non-profit sectors. 


My background in market research has equipped me with a solid understanding of the nuances of the UK and US marketplaces, and the expertise to powerfully connect and communicate with consumers in sectors as diverse as FMCG, sports, fin-tech, travel, entertainment and more.

I will work closely with you, and conduct extensive research to understand your audience and deliver your message in a way that retains your brand's essence, while looking and feeling completely authentic in the local marketplace.

I offer bespoke services to suit your specific needs, and can provide additional consulting or research services, connect you with experts in my network, or deliver glossaries or style guides to help you achieve consistency for future local communications.



Adriaan Alsema,
Editor in Chief, Colombia Reports

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Kate has translated editorials from Spanish to English on a number of occasions for the news website Colombia Reports. These translations were always impeccable in spite of their very topic-specific content and sometimes harsh deadlines. Additionally, Kate's communicative skills and charming personality make working with her very pleasant.

Talent Management Team,

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Kate has been working with us since June 2011 and has translated [520,285] words during that time, from French and Spanish to English in the field of Marketing, and maintains a very positive overall quality score in our system. She was voted Translator of the Month January 2015 by our Project Managers, who found her nice to deal with, helpful and professional.

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