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Are you an academic who needs an editor to review an article for an urgent journal submission?


Are you a foreign student searching for help proofreading your dissertation?

Are you a researcher looking to get your paper translated for publication overseas?

I can support your academic writing needs

With over a decade's experience as a professional linguist, and academic qualifications that speak for themselves, you can rely on me to help you deliver flawless results.

I offer expert proofreading, editing and translation services for essays, dissertations, theses and publishable papers. 

You always retain full control and authorship of your work - I never change the meaning of the content or alter your ideas - I simply make suggested improvements using track changes to ensure clarity, precision and impeccable style. 


Customised for you



Every academic has their own strengths, and every submission is highly individual, so I offer a range of bespoke services that can be tailored to your needs. Pick from one of the services below or get in touch to find out how I can help.


Proofreading: An invaluable service for those already writing at a high standard. I check your spelling, punctuation and grammar to pick up any minor errors you have missed. This is perfect for you if you’ve produced a well-written text and want a fresh pair of eyes to ensure your English is flawless.

Stylistic edit: A more in-depth review that addresses the small, stylistic details which make a big difference to the reader. I conduct a language-focused review to ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and coherent, also checking your tone and academic style. This is the right service for you if you’re clear about your ideas but sometimes have difficulty articulating them.

Full review: A specialist three-stage process, including proofreading, editing and formatting to ensure your submission is well-written, well-structured and well-presented. This is the service for you if you're short on time or want to be extra-confident your work will be well-received.



Contact me today to request a quote

María Martín De Almagro PhD,
Assistant Professor in Gender and Politics at Université de Montréal 

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Kate provided editing and proofreading work for my academic paper "Politicized discourses: A reflexive approach to the transnational campaign on Women, Peace and Security and its local narratives." The paper contained highly specialized language and content and the journal editor gave me a very tight deadline. Kate provided a very detailed and nuanced editing work to make sure that I was conveying the right message. All this under a very short timescale! I would highly recommend her for any social sciences academic work you need edition and proofreading on. I have worked with several editors and translators before, and I can say without any reservation that she is the best I have encountered.

Maria Cecilia Arbelaez Perez,
Regional Sales Training Manager,

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Kate is an honest, responsible and a very professional person. I have been provided with a very high standard proof reading service for my dissertation, from her. I must say it was outstanding, clean, accurate and it was done within a short timeline. I got a 67 mark on my dissertation which allowed me to obtain a merit on my MSc in Marketing. I would definitely recommend her for this type of job, she would provide with a very professional and excellent work.

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